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Fit Yoga Into Your Day

Did you know you can fit in yoga even with your hectic schedule at the office? If you’re stuck behind the desk fall day, don’t let that stop you from busting out some yoga poses between work hours. You can do yoga without being in a formal class.

If you want to survive a very busy day, or even week, you need to relax and take a step back once in a while. Understand that a stressful job can consume you if you let it. Stress can zap your energy, leaving you lethargic and weary.

Yoga, a form of meditation, is a wonderful way to eliminate stress. It clears the mind, lowers the heart rate and blood pressure and promotes the release of feel-good brain chemicals known as endorphins. Here are a couple of simple tips to do away with stress through yoga.

During your break time, look for a spare, empty room where you can freely stretch or move about. Go in and meditate. Make it a habit. You don’t have to do a full-on yoga session. It’s enough that you have a personal space to yourself where you can be left alone to free your thoughts or get the blood flowing.

Try this: Place your legs up the wall as you lie squarely with your back on the floor. This pose works wonders for your back and it can relieve tension considerably. Focus on your breathing as you inhale and exhale deeply and in a relaxed manner. To enhance and make it into a more soothing experience, try putting a warm wrap on your forehead.

You can also do other positions such as sitting in a lotus position or doing the downward dog and warrior poses. It does not matter what pose you do. What’s important is that you feel the peace embrace you as you clear your mind from the day’s distractions.

Yoga and meditation can work wonders for your health. Try it. Fit in some “om” during your day, and you’ll feel its wonderful benefits.




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