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The Wonderful Benefits of Yoga to Our Health

Would you like to work on your muscle strength and pliability? Why don’t you try yoga? The good thing about it is that everyone can do it. You don’t have to be athletic or flexible. Adults and kids can equally enjoy this wonderful exercise because it doesn’t place much stress on the muscles or bones.

Many people do yoga because it helps them relax. With emphasis on breathing and meditation, yoga helps people ease their anxiety and loosen up. Do it regularly and you will notice its wonderful benefits. One of these gains is improved flexibility. Did you know people who do yoga for at least eight weeks see an improvement in their flexibility by as much as 35 percent?

Striking yoga poses can also improve muscle tone and strength. Yoga styles such as Ashtanga and power yoga are oriented toward enhancing physical attributes. By practicing these styles, you get to reap amazing benefits. In addition, yoga styles like Iyengar, though a less vigorous type, is known to improve endurance.

You have probably heard of terms like downward dog or plank pose. Did you know these can build upper-body strength? Standing poses, on the other hand, can improve strength in the abs, quads and hamstrings, especially if you hold them for longer periods. If you’re struggling with lower back problems, the chair pose and upward dog pose can work wonders.

Yoga also helps you achieve better posture. The stronger your core muscles are, the more improved your posture becomes. Even if you’re used to slouching, yoga can help adjust your posture.

Do you usually feel stressed out at the end of each working day? Calm your mind and get rid of stress with yoga. Through breathing techniques, yoga can help you relax. It is also known to be good for your heart as it lowers the risk for heart disease and counters high blood pressure.




"I so appreciate Dr Lisa. She is hands down the most thorough doctor I have encountered yet- anytime I have any real concerns regarding my health, I make the extra effort to see Dr Lisa, even though I now live an hour away. I really appreciate that Dr Lisa listens to her patients' concerns, and covers all bases in addressing them, on all level."

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