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Tips for Working Parents: Unexpected SituationsConsejos para los padres que trabajan: Situaciones inesperadas

Tips for Working Parents: Unexpected Situations

No parent expects every day to go smoothly. Child-oriented emergencies happen, so plan ahead. Decide how to handle unexpected situations-especially those that are bound to occur, such as childhood illnesses. Also, find ways to reduce daily problems. Both the problems and the solutions will change as your child grows.


Prepare for Sick Days

Find out the sick-leave policy of your child's daycare or school. Be sure to learn which symptoms make it necessary for children to stay home. Identify who can help watch your child during a sick day-your partner, a relative, or even a friend. Some communities have sick-child daycare services that are staffed by nurses. Look under Child Care Resources in the yellow pages. What if your child gets sick at school? If you can't leave work, determine who can take your child home.


Avoid "We Forgot" Calls

Lunches, homework, permission slips. When they get left behind, you probably get a phone call. Many of these calls can be avoided. The tips below may help.

  • Keep a big calendar marked with everyone's activities and appointments.

  • In the evening, gather everything your child will need the next day and put it in one spot, perhaps in a basket by the door.

  • Double-check that your child has each item before leaving in the morning.

  • Ask older children to collect their own things.

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