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Respiratory Protection at Work: QuizPruebe sus conocimientos sobre c³mo proteger la respiraci³n en el lugar de trabajo

Respiratory Protection at Work: Quiz

How much do you know about respiratory protection? Select the best response to the following statements. Answers appear at the bottom of the page.

  1. You need protection from respiratory hazards both on and off the job. True False

  2. You can smell all gases and vapors. True False

  3. A respiratory protection program:

    1. is designed to protect your health

    2. is a team effort involving you and your employer

    3. teaches you how to care for a respirator

    4. all of the above

  4. A maintenance-free respirator needs to be cleaned after each use. True False

  5. Which one of the following may prevent you from wearing a full-face mask?

    1. you don't want to wear it

    2. you have a skin condition

    3. you wear glasses

    4. the strap messes up your hair

  6. A maintenance-free dust mask provides protection in IDLH settings. True False

  7. An atmosphere-supplying respirator:

    1. is best for light use

    2. never provides protection in IDLH settings

    3. uses a separate air supply

    4. is maintenance-free

  8. Which of the following may require you to be fitted for a new respirator?

    1. getting dentures

    2. getting eyeglasses

    3. having a facial injury

    4. any of the above

  9. A respirator is effective only when it fits correctly. True False

  10. If you don't use a respirator and are exposed to hazards, you may develop health problems such as bronchitis or even cancer. True False


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